Champainge Lollipops with CBD

. Pack of 5 10 mg CBD/ sucker
Champainge CBD Lollipops
$14.95 |2.8 oz /84GM

Satisfy your taste buds with these colorful treats! Featuring 10 mg of CBD from non-GMO hemp oil extract. CBD Lollipops deliver a soothing vibe and a steady flow of energy with every lick.

Ingredients: Light corn syrup, sugar, natural flavoring and coloring, Non-gmo CBD isolate. 
Flavors: Pina colada, green apple, cherry, blueberry, vanilla

  • 5 lollipops per bag
  • 10 mg of CBD from non-GMO hemp oil extract isolate per lollipop (50mg per bag)
  • All-natural pina colada, green apple, cherry, blueberry and vanilla flavors

Contains 0.3% or less THC.