Endoca Chewing Gum

All Natural 10 pcs/pack 15 mg CBD/ piece
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Pop a pack of CBD gum into your bag or pocket, and you’re ready to go. CBD chewing gum is discreet. No hemp-smelling breath, just a fresh minty aroma. No need to swallow capsules or worry about leaking bottles in your bag. Endoca CBD Chewing Gum is perfect for first time CBD users who may find they dislike the taste of CBD oil or CBD extract but who still want to experience the benefits of taking CBD regularly.

Endoca CBD Chewing gum releases CBD quickly into your bloodstream. The bioavailability of CBD is enhanced through oral absorption, so CBD gum promotes an efficient delivery mechanism of CBD into the body through the mucous membranes in your mouth and throat.

15mg of CBD per gum (150mg per box)
Made with 100% natural, organic, food grade ingredients
No synthetic ingredients
100% biodegradable

Xylitol a natural sweetener found in Birch Trees
Wild Peppermint and Mint essential oils
Sunflower lecithin supporting brain function