Gron CBD Infused Chocolate Bar with 100 mg cbd

Gron CBD Infused Chocolate Bars with 100 mg cbd

Grön was founded in chocolate—to combine the most beautiful confections with the most incredible benefits. Each and every bar is hand-crafted with single-origin sourced cacao and topped with locally-sourced ingredients to create chocolates that are as delicious as they are wholesome.


Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar 

Hand-crafted, fair-trade sourced, 72% cacao dark chocolate infused with organic hemp extract and completely topped with freeze-dried raspberries. The tartness of the raspberries blends perfectly with the subtle smoky flavor of our deepest dark chocolate. Plus, you get the added benefit of having your hemp extract delivered to you in a stunningly beautiful piece of art. It’s a win-win!

Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt - Hand-crafted, fair-trade sourced, 38% cacao milk chocolate infused with organic hemp extract and topped with locally sourced, hand-harvested Jacobsen sea salt.Gron chocolatiers have created a perfectly rich and well-balanced milk chocolate bar. Expect a buttery, silky smooth experience with caramel undertones.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Ingredients:
Chocolate (Cacao beans ‡Ω, evaporated cane syrup Ω, cocoa butter ‡Ω, sunflower lecithin Ω), freeze dried raspberries Ω, sea salt, hemp extract Ω.

Milk Chocolate Ingredients:
Chocolate (Evaporated cane syrup T, cacao beans T Ω, full cream milk Ω, cocoa butter T Ω, sunflower lecithin Ω), sea salt, hemp extract Ω.

‡ Fair Trade Certified by
Ω Organic ingredient