Khus Khus Body Waxes

Aromatherapy body wax Melts on skin for penetrating moisture

KHUS KHUS BODY WAXES moisturize your skin with botanical oils.  Solid at room temperature they melt on your skin to provide great hydration with the added benefit of aromatherapy. These make great little luxurious gifts for anyone on your list.  Scents are appropriate for men and women.

So many aromas to choose from and maybe you’re not sure where to start. No worries, we got you covered.

You can try a generous 1-ounce sample of KHUS KHUS best selling body waxes. Wonderful for travel, yoga bag, and sitting on your desk. Pack in your purse and take with you, to perfume the body and receive aromatherapy benefits anytime.


KAMA body wax

indian jasmine sambac + sandalwood + red mandarin + benzoin

marula + coconut + jojoba + babassu

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Jasmine flowers are hand-picked in the early morning hours to preserve the magnificence of these fragrant flowers. This practice encapsulates the jasmine flowers exotic, sensual and enticing aroma. Combined with Australian Sandalwood one of the most highly prized essential oils in the world with its deep, rich, woody aroma creates a beautifully balanced aroma.


LUNA body wax

sandalwood + patchouli + red mandarin + siam benzoin

 marula + argan + baobab + coconut

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: This powerhouse of opulent oils combined with an exotic blend of divine essential oils is not only a most pleasing aroma but a beneficial regenerative tonic for the body + mind. Assisting in tightening of sagging skin due to its tonic action as well as rejuvenation properties to soothe + hydrate the skin. Sandalwood and benzoin have excellent healing properties that help diminish spots, this blend is an exquisite tonic for sensitive + irritated skin. An elegant, enticing scent combined with deeply hydrating + nourishing oils.


SURYA body wax

mimosa + neroli + red mandarin + siam benzoin

camelina + argan + babassu + coconut + french beeswax

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: This lovely, lively, body wax has a smooth texture and is incredibly hydrating. Mimosa with it’s deep, honey powdered aroma artisan extracted in France is simply omniscient. Neroli speaks to our soul and body with its incredible rejuvenating compounds assisting with the growth of new cells. A super profusion of organic oils infused with nothing but rejuvenating goodness.


BLEU body wax

monoi de tahiti + blue tansy + blue yarrow

marula + baobab + babassu

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Besides the most amazing intoxicating scent! This deeply nourishing, hydrating and luminous oil will create lovely, luscious, skin. Monoi de Tahiti sourced from France, an ancient Tahitian oil scented by the Tiare flower widely used among the French Polynesians for skin and hair enhancement.



DETAILS:30ml/1ounce 4 in a set